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Websites designed and managed

Welcome to LRM Website Design, I am Lewis Muller and if you are reading this you are either looking to get a new website, a re vamp for an existing website or you are a Google bot, whichever, welcome to LRM Website Design.

In 2002 I became a Director of a company that was already in debt, one of the first things needed was an updated website. After receiving a few quotes for £1000's I had no options apart from learning the basics myself, and took to it like a duck to water. After a year we had a very strong internet presence which in turn transformed the incoming business. I took on Lynwood Aquatics website in 2005 and after similar success I decided to approach a few local companies as a side-line to help them and to further my knowledge of web design and SEO. I am now able to offer my services to customers and businesses across the board, however small or big.

Over the last 10 years after working with CMS and studying different websites covering many subjects, my preferences are writing and designing sites in real time code, opposed to sites like WordPress and the like. Please don’t get me wrong, they have their place although they tend to be written to cover many functions that you may never need or even know about, rely on data to be called up and displayed on the page created from another website, which in turn tends to promote sluggish load up times, and where nowadays most searches are conducted on smart phones, load up time is critical. You know yourself, if you are waiting more than a few seconds for a website to load........ that can be a few seconds to long, we hit go back and look at the next site. Therefore, websites should be designed with mobiles as a priority, this, when achieved will give potential customers a quick and satisfying experience, extremely quick laptop or desktop response, and ultimately sales or leads for you.

LRM Website Design caters for all your website needs, whether you are just starting your business, have an established business or are looking to update your current site. Small, medium or large websites all receive the same quality, flexibility and attention to detail.

All websites are viewable on all popular devices and browsers and come with SSL certificates ranging from the basic to corporation level to give your visitors peace of mind and cookie compliance.

The 'Starter Package' gets you up and running and includes your home page and contact page. If you are small business like a barber or need to showcase a service or organisation and just need to be found on the world wide web, then this could be for you. This package can have pages added as needed if your requirements change at an agreed price. This package comes with an SSL certificate.

The 'Standard Package' includes pages allowing you to target your prospective clients or customers with your business details and services. You will have your home, about you, contact you, testimonials and gallery pages. You can add now or later booking pages, online selling pages, blog or whatever you need to sell your service or goods at an agreed price. This package comes with an SSL certificate.

The 'Tailored Package' is exactly that. LRM Website Design will design whatever your business requires to be seen by your prospective clients or customers to promote sales and services. Get in touch for a quote. This package comes with an SSL certificate.

To keep you in control you will have access to your site via staff pages using a secure admin area. This can give the options from simply changing prices or opening hours to a complete control centre for staff or online shop, the options are flexible to your needs.

Please use the links to guide and assist you further, or get in touch for a quote and remember, the above doesn’t really scratch the surface with what can be done with a website, the possibilities are endless.

Sites designed and managed




















CMS Example showing tailored staff pages for the exact requirements of the website, with no third party plugins, the website will run and respond faster.